Slimmer of the Year 2017: a review

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This is the fourth time that Belgium chooses its own Slimmer and Maintainer of the Year. During the preperations, we started to assume that “we know this by now”, we knew what we wanted and how to organize it. But every year we’re surprised by the unexpected twists, the testimonies by the Slimmers and how different the night turns out from what we expected it to be. Which is a good thing, each beautiful story deserves its own original decor.

About the theme

Exactly one year ago, Mira Ghoos won the title of the Belgian Slimmer of the Year 2016, and she went to Birmingham where she competed for the title International Slimmer of the Year. Although she didn’t win officially – the reactions and response from home made believe like she did! For us she was the star of the night, both literally and figuratively. Mira decided to start her own Cambridge business, which was for us the icing on the cake.

This photo of Mira, with her own star, kept popping up for us. The pride we feel and the energy we gain from stories like hers, the enthusiasm in which new consultants are welcomed,… for us our consultants and slimmers are the stars of the show. We decided to translate this feeling to this years’ theme of the Slimmer and Maintainer of the year. Glitter, glamour, but above all the spotlights on YOU. With a red carpet, a photo wall and the encouragement to be your own paparazzi. Not that you needed any more encouragements – cameras were flashing, selfies were made, hashtags flew everywhere and all was livestreamed, with as a result we were followed both nationally and internationally.

We were so lucky to have three wonderful stories again. But the night started with us aiming our spotlight to our Maintainer of the Year, the lady who succeeded in not only achieving her goal weight, but also keeping it off. Linda Szul lost her excess weight and kept healthy with help from Ger Van de Riet. This inspirational story was a great kick-off, because maintaining your weight after losing is of course the biggest challenge of all.

And then it was time for the films of our Slimmers.


The first story was the story of Karen David, a young woman who put a stop to her chaotic night life and made the decision to choose for what SHE wanted. Enough with the people pleasing, time to think for herself. Her rediscovery of how beautiful life can be when you are in charge, was reflected in the film, where she walks around the Ravenhof castle grounds like a Alice in Wonderland. Her consultant, Saskia Van der Schot, should be proud, because Karen couldn’t have done it without her.


The second story came from a candidate who was guided by Johnny van Neylen. You might remember Johnny as a candidate of 2016, who has started his own business named 4 a Slimmer U. Johnny dove right in and coached Stefan Beunis who was on the verge of going for a gastric bypass. Johnny convinced him to first try the Cambridge Weight Plan, and thank goodness! A heap of clothing sizes smaller and with way less back complaints, Stefan was shining at our candidate-Slimmer table. He replied to the question “How do you feel now?” with the short but convincing answer “Healthy.” And that’s all that matters.


And last but not least – we have Isabelle. Isabelle, first a nurse in palliative care and now a teacher, made the switch after she felt like “the fat one” for years and years. This switch was postponed for a long time because she settled in that role. But now she decided it was her time. Time to choose what she wanted to choose, to do what she wanted to do. Time to be beautiful. Machteld Driesen, consultant since 2016 and ex-colleague of Isabelle, took her by the hand and made sure she reached her target goal weight. The life lesson that Isabelle took from this journey is “People, NOW is the time to make it. Enjoy what you have, it can be over so quick.” and this moved the audience. Isabelle was elected Slimmer of the year after an exciting voting round. Together with Machteld she’ll compete for the Belgian title on the International Slimmer of the Year in Birmingham. Fingers crossed!

In other news

In addition to the films and election of the Slimmer, a Consultant of the Year was chosen. The man who introduced Cambridge Weight Plan Belgium to the national Health Insurances, alerted us of the High Health Council, and whose borrowed expo materials always found their way back more organised than they were before: Gert van Landuyt. He was announced through this fun little film, that was shot secretly during the trip to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago.

Also a goodybag was presented, containing a new client map, a manual for the new Steps program, a Cambridge notebook and some testers of the newest products. Also the Cambridge Academy was introduced, an online platform that will help the consultants learning the new Steps program. So the consultants left the party with their head and hands full of news!

And now?

Now it’s time to enjoy the memories of this beautiful evening, to rewatch the photos and dwell on the beautiful stories that were told.

You can browse the photos of the evening here

Livestream of the announcement of the Candidate Slimmers:

Livestream of the presentation of the goodybags and the announcement of the Slimmer:

and finally, the livestream of the ending of the night:

We would like to thank for this unforgettable evening:
Milo Cosemans, for the beautiful films, your efforts and positivity
The Lindner hotel for the wonderful food and service
Cécile Van der Kolk-Roffelsen for the gorgeous decoration and originality
Hans Bloemen for your support and all-around assistance
Gert & Carry for your thoughtful surprise
and to all consultants and clients, for make every year worthwhile

See you next year!

Griet Danschutter, Business Unit Manager Belgium
Margot Bloemen, Communication Manager