About the products

A Cambridge Weight Plan is not “just another protein diet”. Our replacement meals are complete meals, so not just products with a raised protein value. With a Cambridge Step Plan you don’t burden your kidneys and you can be sure that you get all the nutrients you need that day (100% recommended daily allowance). So you never infringe your body’s health, which we think is of utmost importance.

There’s a reason our Cambridge meals were developed in the shadow of the university town Cambridge in England. Years of scientific research preceded before the meals were available to the public.

We still keep this scientific research going when developing new meals and products.

The best thing about our meals are trustability, healthiness and a permanent result. And that’s what we keep striving for.

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Meals and snacks

Porridge traditional

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: A filling meal for those days when you really need it. Eat when it’s still nice and hot, and pair it with a cup of green tea.

Porridge apple cinnamon

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Cosy up with this delicious apple-cinnamon version of our classic porridge. Nice in the winter, or whenever you’re craving comfort, filling and sweet.

Porridge vanilla rice

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: This vanilla-rice pudding is worth a try. Gentle, sweet and completely customisable: make it a bit more tangy with some orange zest, or cosy it up with some heartwarming pumpkin latte spices. Or eat as is!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Price: 3,60 €/piece

Tip: Give your spagbol an extra ‘kick’ with some drops of tabasco. Hot, hotter, hottest!

Chicken tikka style curry

Price: 3,60 €/piece

Tip: Use the instructions on the packaging to make the “simple” version, or add in some chicken or broccoli at a later Step! Delicious comfort-food.

Ready To Drinks: chocolate velvet

Price: 3,65 €/piece

Tip : fresh out of the fridge in the morning and you’re good to go!

The bars

Strawberry apple bar

Price : 3,25 €/piece

Cut up in pieces and nibble on it during the day if you’re more the snacking-type!

Lemon Bar

Price : 3,25 €/piece

Tip: just eat it all at once (and don’t share)!

Malt toffee chewy bar

Price : 3,25 €/piece

Craving for something sweet and gentle? This soft Malt Toffee Chewy bar has a wonderful and rich caramel core. Cut up in little praline-sized pieces and enjoy it with a black coffee on the side.

Chocolade chewy bar

Price : 3,25 €/piece

It’s difficult to write something extra here, because this bar is just perfect the way it is. Try for yourself!

Chocolade Orange bar

Price : 3,25 €/piece

A big fan of the luxurious combination of orange and chocolate? Then just try to eat this bar SLOWLY, because with the gentle orange-y core you’ll finish it before you know it!

The shakes

Chocolate Shake

Our Belgian favourite, both ways delicious: cold or hot.

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip : make a wonderful pudding out of it with the Cambridge Mix-a-Mousse

Vanilla Shake

Our fixed value, to drink alone or to combine with other flavours.

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip : top a layer of Vanilla pudding over a layer of Chocolate pudding, made with the Mix-a-Mousse

Cappuccino Shake Lactose free

No need for Starbucks with this frappucappu in the house!

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip : Sprinkle some coffee crumbs over your Cappuccino shake: irresistible!

Chocolate Mint Shake

A bit stylish, a bit English, a whole lotta tasty

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Extra good with some leaves of fresh mint. Cheers!

Banana Shake

Pretend your on holiday with our Banana shake!

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: mix half of a Banana shake with half a Chocolate shake for an ultimate treat. Because there’s no better combination than these two, am I right?

Strawberry Shake

Sweet, fresh and fruity. Good for any moment of the day.

Price: 2,55€/piece

Tip: pour a couple of Strawberry shakes into ice cream molds and pop them in your freezer!

Forest Fruits Shake

Strawberry Shake’s big sister. A bit more fruity, a bit less sweet – a perfect variety!

Price: 2,55€/piece

Tip: craving for a simple summer shake? Add cold water, some ice cubes and mix it well in a mixer. Colourful straw optional!

Chocolate lactose free

Lactose-free version of the Chocolate shake

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Vanilla lactose free

Lactose free version of the Vanilla shake

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Chocolate Orange lactose free

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: A pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg, blend thoroughly until it starts foaming and enjoy the most decadent desert ever!

Lemon Key Lime Pie

Introducing: our first shake with lime flavour!

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Lime enthousiasts drink them the way they are, but real epicureans make them into a tasty cheesecakes with the help of the Mix-a-mousse!

Toffee walnut shake

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Add a cup of coffee and enjoy!


Potato and leeks soup lactose free

Like grandma used to make it: irresistibly good

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip : flavour it the way you want it with your own blend of herbs and spices

Mushroom soup lactose free

For the experts amongst us, every one has the right to their own delicacy.

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Add some cut up pieces of fresh mushroom and you’re ready to go!

Vegetable soup

A classic soup for everyone

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Add some fresh parsley!

Oriental chili soep

The UK’s favourite soup! Taste to discover why.

Price : 2,55 €/piece

Tip: ask your consultant for the extra recipes to transform this soup into a lovely sauce.

Tomato & basil soup

A classic you can’t replace.

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: Add some chili flakes or tabasco sauce, for a spicy twist.



Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip : add one spoon of Fibre to your shakes or drinks to loosen up your bowels again.

Drink bouillion

Price : 15,95€/piece

For those difficult rumble-in-your-belly-moments in between meals.

Mix a Mousse

Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip : transform your favourite shake into a wonderful pudding!

Drink mix Lime and Lemon

Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip: add a leaf of mint and you have a wonderful cocktail for all ages!

Drink mix Raspberry & Elderflower

Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip: with some freezer molds and some patience you can transform this mix into wonderful fruity popsicles!

Drink mix Orange

Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip: pour in a nice water can and add some ice cubes for a summery drink.

Drink mix Lime and Lemon

Price : 15,95€/piece

Tip: did you know you can make super tasty zero-calorie sweets if you combine the Mix-a-mousse with the drink mix flavours? Ask your consultant how!


Blackcurrant and apple smoothie

Velvety smoothie with blackcurrant and apple flavour

Price: 2,55 €/piece

Tip: the smoothies are more rich and creamy than normal shakes. Make them with ice cold water, extra ice cubes and go for the total froyo-smoothie-experience!

Cherries and strawberries

Creamy sweet smoothie with strawberry and cherry flavour

Price: 2,55 €/piece

The natural ingredients pictured on some of the images refer to the flavours, not to the actual addition of them into the products