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Where you want

The increase in number of people who are overweight and the demand for Cambridge Weight Plan go hand in hand, with the result we need new consultants throughout all of Belgium.

De toename van het aantal mensen met overgewicht en de vraag naar Cambridge Weight Plan loopt samen, met als gevolg dat overal in België nood is aan nieuwe consulenten.

In your own time

Early bird or night owl? Combine it with your current job as a secondary occupation or as a principal job? You decide when and how much you work.

Personal touch

How you run and promote your business is completely up to you. Combine it with your beauty salon or give your clients running classes in the weekends: your identity will decide your audience.

Meaningful occupation

As a Cambridge consultant you’re helping your clients towards a healthier weight and life style. Our consultants all agree: seeing your client blossom after they achieve their goal weight is the best feeling imaginable.

Good earnings

With our support, your enthousiasm and entrepeneurship you’ll be able to  build up a thriving business. You control your income.

Check this first…

Business management

It’s possible you need to get your degree before you start your business. You can get this at home or in class.

Business office

You can find business offices throughout all Belgium. It’s an office that helps you start your business by getting your enterprise number, check if you need additional licenses, gives you the latest information on entrepeneurship and more. Handy link:

Primary or secondary occupation

You can start as a consultant as a primary or secodary occupation, depending on your wishes. You can check the NEO (national employment office) for programs when you’re without an occupation  to start a business.

Why an accountant?

An accountant takes care of the financial health of your business: you can use that time to spend on your clients. A good accountant follows your train of thought, you can trust him and he believes in you.  

Make your hobby your job and you never have to work a day in your life. – M. Ghandi

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