7 Steps Program

The 7 Steps Program is flexible and helps you in a way that suits your lifestyle best. 

With the help, advices and coaching from your own consultant, you'll come to a lifestyle and healthy weight, and keep it this way - regardless of how much weight you'd like to lose. 

Losing weight
Cambridge Weight Plan works with meal replacements in different Steps of the program. The products are confirmed to be effective for weight loss and weight control by the EFSA (European Authority for Food Security). (VO (EU) Nr. 432/2012)

From dieting to eating
Vegetables will become the focus of your new way of eating. Each Step we'll gradually add product groups and increase quantities.

In the 7 Step Program you'll learn to find your balance with various healthy foods. You'll learn that tasty and healthy don't necessarily exclude each other!

Lifestyle and weight stabilization
The 7 healthy rules, tips and tricks for a good mind set, tips to keep moving (and have fun doing so!), how to change your life permanently, healhty ways to cook your meals and much more!

The 7 Steps program: from losing weight responsibly, to enjoying consciously!


Cambridge Weight Plan meal
 Potaties, rice, pasta

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Cambridge Weight Plan meals


You can choose from these next product categories:

  1.   Shakes
  2.   Soups
  3.   Bars
  4.   Porridges
  5.   Hot meals
  6.   Smoothies
  7.   Extras

Our products are exclusively available through your own Cambridge Weight Plan consultant and are not for sale through stores or webshops. The price averages about € 2,55 per product.

During your slimming process, the guidance by a consultant is free of charge.

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